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Hello Painters!

Cleaning isn’t anyone’s favourite part of the creative process, but now more than ever it’s so important to be thinking about the hygiene of your kit. Our new Brush and Kit sterilizer will make sanitation one step easier, available in a 60ml kit spray compact size (perfect for on set) and 250ml spray bottles. The game changer in this spray is the active chlorohexidine, which makes the product not only ant-bacterial but also anti-viral.

This is the perfect product to spray over your palettes or surfaces to keep them hygienic, and its quick and easy. Because there is also a high isopropyl alcohol content, the liquid state of the product will evaporate quite quickly, meaning it won’t leave any of your products soggy. (I actually have been loving using this product on my eyeshadow palettes, which are notoriously difficult to clean and as a final cleaning spritz on my metal mixing palette and brushes)

I personally wouldn’t use this product to clean brushes, as it’s not a stain remover, it will sterilize them and does get out some makeup, but I still think your best bet is to wash them thoroughly with a product like Sunlight soap to get all the gunk out, then spray them with the Global Colours Brush and Kit Sterilizer at the end.

Why stop at your kit? Such a great solution to everyday cleaning, try wiping down your digital devices, steering wheel, headphones, or just keep the little 60ml is your bag- just in case 🙂

By Emma Court

By Emma Court

Emma-Lee Court is a Sydney-based makeup artist & body painter who has owned and operated The Makeup Wardrobe for 9 years. With over 18 years experience creating looks for individuals, events, brands, theatre, fashion, film, TV, media and print publications, Emma can help your makeup dream become reality! Amongst a galaxy of performers, photographers, productions and individuals who come to Emma to help create their vision, Emma is also a fully-qualified makeup educator, with over 7 years experience teaching students makeup, hair, special FX & body painting.


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