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Our new Smoothie Blenders are the perfect tool for face and body painters alike, who are looking for the blending capabilities of a sponge but the ergonomic practicality of a brush.

Designed by Award Winning Body Artist Julie Tattam, these little wonder sticks were designed with functionality at the forefront.

In a convenient pack of 25, you could use these as a disposable item or refresh the sponge applicator, sterilise, clean and dry them for re-use.

The extra-large sponge applicator keeps blending out edges and creating gradients simple, paired with a long plastic handle so you can keep your movement deliberate and focused without the need to ‘right up close’ to the areas you are working on.

Our Smoothie Blender is also a great option for applying pigments, loose powder or glitter to the skin, almost working as a mini powder puff to ‘dab’ product onto the designated areas rather than ‘wiping’ which can sometimes cause smudging or transfer to any artwork underneath.

I think this smart little tool would also be a welcome addition to a beauty makeup kit, allowing the artist to stipple and finesse their application of finishing power or loose pigment with the specificity of a brush, the light touch of a sponge and the ‘roll and pat’ of a powderpuff- all whilst being small, kit compact and hygienic.

To clean the applicator, ‘suds up’ the tip, give it a good scrub with a stain remover (such as Sunlight Soap) and allow to soak in warm water with a splash of antiseptic ( like a Dettol) then let dry on a towel or paper towel in the sunshine ( the sunshine and UV actually helps with the prevention of mould, and is a good tip not only for your Smoothie Blenders but your brushes too).

I’m sure you will all love our new Smoothie Blenders, and that you will come up with a variety of new ways that they can help streamline your creative process- and we would love to hear about them! Please make sure you tag us in your posts so we can see your amazing work and the new and innovative ways you use our products, @globalcolours and #globalcolours.

Get creative!

Emma and Global Colours

By Emma Court

By Emma Court

Emma-Lee Court is a Sydney-based makeup artist & body painter who has owned and operated The Makeup Wardrobe for 9 years. With over 18 years experience creating looks for individuals, events, brands, theatre, fashion, film, TV, media and print publications, Emma can help your makeup dream become reality! Amongst a galaxy of performers, photographers, productions and individuals who come to Emma to help create their vision, Emma is also a fully-qualified makeup educator, with over 7 years experience teaching students makeup, hair, special FX & body painting.


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