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With Spooky season upon us it is time to make sure our kits are stocked up and ready for action!

Here is our top 10 Global Colours star products list for this Halloween, why WE love ‘em, why YOU love ‘em and how to get the most out of products this spooky season.

1.Global Colours Stage Blood

Global Colours’ Stage Blood is ideal for adding gory finishing touches to your gory Halloween looks. This viscous, deep red Stage Blood is perfect for creating slow-dripping blood effects as it has a sticky consistency- not too runny, just the perfect amount of ‘ooze’. It is easily removed from skin and hair, but may stain clothing because of the strong pigmentation, so if you are going to town with your blood splatter, maybe use clothes you don’t have too much of an attachment too, lol.

Pro Tip:If you would like to create a ‘blood spray’, simply decant some of our blood into an atomiser or spray bottle and dilute with water or sealer until it is the right squirt and splatter consistency- a great way to bloody up your outfits quickly.

Makeup Look by @amanda_lee_makeup using our Global Colours Stage Blood

2.Global Colours Cosmetic Glue

A cosmetic adhesive safe for the eye-area, face and body, designed to dry clear and have a long lasting, waterproof stick. This glue is perfect for adhering your prosthetics, creepy crawlies, blocking out brows, sticking on horns, glitter, rhinestones- your one-stop shop!

Pro Tip:This glue comes in a 7ml vile and also a larger 60ml bottle. The smaller vile with the applicator wand is perfect for adding small amounts of glue to a specific area (like brow blocking adding glitter to the eye lid, using stencils) and the larger 60ml bottle is great for your prosthetic work on the face or body, I normally like to decant the glue into a disposable shot glass or a paper cupcake pan (easy to throw out after) as it makes it easier to use with a sponge or brush. (you will need to throw away the sponge after you have used it with this glue, for this reason I like to use cheap household sponge easily found in the grocery store cleaning aisle that I can rip up into tiny pieces and throw away as I’m done with it). If you are using this glue with a brush, don’t allow the glue to dry on your brush, soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol immediately after use to stop the glue from setting, and then clean normally.

3.Global Colours Liquid Latex

Global Colours’ Liquid Latex is perfect for special effects make-up projects like cuts, gashes, scars, burns, blisters, wrinkles, zombie skin-peeling, ageing as well as adhering and blending certain prosthetics. 

When latex dries, it becomes almost clear and rubbery, which means it’s perfect to go on more mobile areas of the body as it has more movement in it. It is easy to ‘pick’ off the skin in areas to create burst blisters and tears, you can layer it to create deep gashes or wounds or use it with tissue to create more ‘built up’ shapes.

Pro Tip:Try using our larger size of latex for pouring, to create your own rubber prosthetic pieces. Sculpt the piece you are after ( using plasticine) and you could either create a slush mould for the piece ( pouring the latex in, and then out allowing the remanence to dry, creating a hollow piece) or stippling the latex over your design (using disposable sponge) building up thin layers of rubber (make sure each layer of latex is completely dry before creating the next one- you can use a hair dryer on ‘cool’ to speed up this process), then when you have reached your desired thickness, simply peel off your rubber relief using talcum powder to stop the piece sticking to itself.

4.Global Colours Tooth Paint

A brush on tooth enamel, specifically designed for creating the finishing toothy touches to your character, stage and special effects makeup looks. My favourites are:

Red- The perfect red blood tone to bring your vampire fangs to life and to add the extra shock factor to your casualty simulations.

Black- An easy way to add a gap to your smile or give the illusion of a missing tooth.

Pro Tip: If you would like to create the illusion of pointed fangs of filed teeth, try using the black paint to block and carve out your shape for a simple yet impressive FX result!

5. Global Colours BodyArt Cakes: 

Global Colours’ face and body paint is a painter’s dream come true. With bold, vivid colours and a smooth consistency, Global Colours’ paints are ideal for face and body art. The Global Colours range contains over 55 vibrant shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours. Global Colours’ face and body paint cakes are easily activated with water, dry to a velvety finish in under a minute, and stay bold, bright and smudge-free in even the toughest conditions. 

Our top colour pics for your Halloween palette are:

Red– Great for Devils, mock blood and,

Strong Black & White– Always essential for depth and highlight, but also great skull and ghoul makers

Deep Merlot & Brown– Good to create trauma tone on the skin, bruising and adding dimension to casualty looks

Lime Green– Essential for cartoon zombies, ooze and slime

Orange– For Jack-o-lanterns, flames and autumnal tones

Grey & Lilac– Serving your vampires, corpses and reanimated nasties

Makeup look by @thefauxchanel using our BodyArt cake in Strong Black

6.Springback Brushes

Although I love all of the spring back brushes, there are definitely a few that I reach for more often at this time of year. These long-lasting brushes have Teal acrylic handles (no flaking like wooden handles!), a tapered end for sectioning and scooping paints and densely packed nickel-plated ferrules that leave no space for water and paint to get trapped – making them easy to clean, and quick and hygienic to dry.

These are my top 3:

Detail Liner Brush– Does exactly as the name implies- fine detail. When you need to create tiny precise shapes or embellishments, with super-accurate control, this brush is your best friend. A must-have in all kits.

Medium Blending Brush– Create realistic dimension and believable drop shadows using our medium Blending Brush. The perfect size and ‘fluff’ density for carving out contours and melting away edges in your Halloween looks.

Large Body Brush– Our Body Brush is soft yet firm, allowing you lay down large areas of paint efficiently without streaks, brushstroke marks, or “lifting” of previous paint layers. Perfect for use with our BodyArt Cakes when you need to cover a large surface area.

Makeup Look by @drian_bautista using Global Colours Springback Brushes

7. IPA- Isopropyl Alcohol

 This may seem like a boring product comparatively to our other sticky and colourful collection, but Isopropyl alcohol is in my opinion as essential tool to have in every artists kit. It will help keep things hygienic between clients, activate your Ink Fx palette, work as a solvent for your glues and evaporates quickly making it a great time conscious option for cleaning your brushes between changing colours, looks or products.

My favourite sizes are the 60ml spray bottle for your kit and setup and the big 1 Litre refill- because I just go through so much of the stuff! Probably my most used tool as a professional Makeup Artist.

8. Clown White

A professional, densely pigmented, pure white, cream based colour, designed for maximum coverage for use in FX makeup, character makeup and on stage and screen. The perfect pale base for all of your Halloween deathly Diva’s, you can blend this out tot a transparent pallid or have it completely opaque for your mask white.

Pro Tip-This product is extremely pigmented and is a very thick consistency, so I would recommend applying it with a brush then blending it with a sponge. If you would like to ‘thin out’ the product, try using a little bit of castor oil. 

Always make sure you set this product with a powder, as it is emollient based it will remain tacky until it is properly set (I would recommend a translucent setting powder with a powderpuff) this does however make it the perfect consistency for blending, give you a ‘streak free’ finish and provide an immediate opaque coverage.

Makeup by @themakeupwardrobe using Global Colours Clown White

9.Optillusions Palette

The Optillusions Palette by Global Colours is a collection of refined pressed powder pigments. Containing 12 curated colours, including neutrals, brights plus black and white essentials, it is designed to help you refine 3D illusion looks and add shading, dimension and soft edges to your makeup and body art creations.

Personally, this palette has been so useful in creating really quick contours and shadowing on my Halloween 3D skin effects, and the colours selected really take the guess work out of selecting the right hue for the job. They are mega pigmented and I’m normally reaching for this palette now in every look I do- easy to become addicted!

Makeup by @jesub_dolibop2 using the Global Colours Optillusion Palette

10. Cream FX Palette      


A diverse range of cream colour casualty and trauma tones, in a customisable 12 pan magnetic palette. Richly pigmented and blendable this is a multi-use, kit essential for aspiring FX artists and professionals alike. Suitable for the face and body. 

Pro Tip- try mixing these colours with our cover FX palette to create your own custom tones, or even tinting them with our clown white!

Makeup by @_bymala_ using Global Colours BodyArt Cakes

These are my favourite Global Colours products for Halloween, but we’d love to find out yours! Please be sure to tag us @globalcolours or #globalcolours so we can have a look at all of your amazing Halloween creations.

Get Painting!

Emma & Global Colours

By Emma Court

By Emma Court

Emma-Lee Court is a Sydney-based makeup artist & body painter who has owned and operated The Makeup Wardrobe for 9 years. With over 18 years experience creating looks for individuals, events, brands, theatre, fashion, film, TV, media and print publications, Emma can help your makeup dream become reality! Amongst a galaxy of performers, photographers, productions and individuals who come to Emma to help create their vision, Emma is also a fully-qualified makeup educator, with over 7 years experience teaching students makeup, hair, special FX & body painting.


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