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Ink FX is one of our four new SFX colour palettes now available! The palettes are available separately or can be purchased together as a full FX Library.

Ink FX is made up of 12 dehydrated, pure pigments that when reactivated with Isopropyl Alcohol, produce a water-resistant finish, in selected Primary colours, Black and White and casualty tones. Ink FX is a truely professional palette, enabling you to create delicate washes of colour and transparent layering to you skin and SPX looks, making them more realistic, increasing their longevity and integrity for continuity.

Containing only approved cosmetic ingredients that comply with all worldwide safety regulations, this 100% non-toxic cosmetic-grade FX colour is:
– Skin safe
– Paraben free
– Not tested on animals
– Hypoallergenic
– Highly pigmented, bright colours
– Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions
– In recyclable packaging
– Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations, including FDA, EU and Australian standards (regular colours conform to FDA, EU)

Pro Tip: Try layering transparent colours for a more realistic dimension, rather than using the colours at full opacitity.
To apply use a brush, sponge or mascara wand and activate the product with Global Colours Pure Isopropyl Alcohol or 99% alcohol to apply to the face of body. Do not use with any other solvent and do not use directly in the eye.
The best way to remove this product is with isopropyl alcohol, or if you are working on a large surface area or near the eyes use a heavy oil based solvent, and a gently exfoliate with a warm flannel or face washer.

These Ink FX pigments can be used at full opacity for things like fake tattoo’s, faux freckles or simply for FX design, but for realistic casualty and trauma they will Gove you a better result when layered or used as a wash of colour. This allows you to still see the skin texture underneath, like you would with a real bruise or skin irritation. Because when activated with isopropyl alcohol these are also water proof, they are a great option for artists working on set, or potentially working in a ‘wet’ envirmonet or if you are working on an area of the body that might usually attract more movement or friction i.e. the forearm or neck, meaning that your fx looks will not transfer or smudge.

The Ink FX palette is a truly versatile palette which will really transform your SFX game and take your creations to a more film quality professional level. These inks can also be used to create FX on the fingernails, teeth and even in the hair – so make sure you follow the instructions and get experimenting! Keep your eyes people to our socials to see tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your Global Colours ‘Ink FX’ palette, and go get creative 🙂

By Emma Court

By Emma Court

Emma-Lee Court is a Sydney-based makeup artist & body painter who has owned and operated The Makeup Wardrobe for 9 years. With over 18 years experience creating looks for individuals, events, brands, theatre, fashion, film, TV, media and print publications, Emma can help your makeup dream become reality! Amongst a galaxy of performers, photographers, productions and individuals who come to Emma to help create their vision, Emma is also a fully-qualified makeup educator, with over 7 years experience teaching students makeup, hair, special FX & body painting.


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