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Welcome to the Global Colours Halloween Makeup Store. We have the most extensive Halloween face paint collection in Australia. This segment of our face paint and body art store is open all year, so you can quickly find all of your Halloween special FX products any time of the year. Our Halloween makeup store sector includes Halloween face paints, stage blood, latex, Halloween face paint kits with unique colours for special effects, tooth paints, Halloween-themed stencils, and much more.

Halloween Face Paint Sets

Perfect for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos, these one-stop kits contains everything you need to create gorgeous Halloween face paint designs like a pro! 

Day of the Dead Face Paint Set
Halloween Set
Global Colours - Halloween Makeups and Special FX

Halloween Tooth Paint

A brush on tooth enamel, specifically designed for creating the finishing toothy touches to your character, stage and special effects makeup looks.

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Halloween Special FX

Get ready for your next Halloween party with all of these amazing items we have on offer. Create fake wounds using stage blood; glow in the dark makeup; the world is your oyster!

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Halloween Special FX Palettes

Professional special FX makeup palettes designed for stage and costume sets. Amazing effects for Halloween! 

Day of the Dead Face Paint Set
Coverup FX – 12 Colour Face & BodyArt Palette

An inclusive range of skin tones and correction camouflage colours that can be used for coverup, concealing, fx or prosthetics.

$29.98 $27.25 exc. GST

Halloween Set
Ink FX – 12 Colour Face & BodyArt Palette

Create realistic, long lasting and waterproof casualty makeup with the Global Colours Ink FX Palette.

$39.97 $36.34 exc. GST

Halloween Costume Makeup

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