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Neon White – UV BodyArt FX Cake Paint


Baby Blue
Candy Pink
Clown White
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Deep Magenta
Deep Merlot
Fresh Blue
Fresh Green
Lime Green
Metallic Black
Metallic Bronze
Metallic Copper
Metallic Gold
Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Silver
Neon Blue
Neon Coral Red
Neon Green
Neon Light Teal
Neon Magenta
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Neon Purple
Neon Teal
Neon White
Neon Yellow
Old Red
Pearl Burgundy
Pearl Deep Blue
Pearl Emerald
Pearl Light Blue
Pearl Lilac
Pearl Lime Green
Pearl Mediterranean Blue
Pearl Orange
Pearl Peacock Blue
Pearl Pink
Pearl Red
Pearl Sage
Pearl White
Pearl Yellow
Stone Grey
Strong Black
Ultra Blue
Yellow Light
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  • A MAKE-UP ARTIST’S DREAM COME TRUE – Global Colours BodyArt is ideal for face and body painting, with bold, vivid colours and a lasting smooth consistency. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s a shade to suit your needs!
  • A VAST RANGE OF VIBRANT SHADES – With over 55 shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours, Global Colours has something to suit every need and available in 2 sizes / 32g for larger areas and 20g is magnetic and will adhere to any metal surface!
  • NON-STAINING, SMUDGE PROOF AND EASY TO REMOVE – Water-activated face and body paint is gentle on the skin and easy to remove. Even in hot and humid climates, it will stay put until you’re ready to take it off! A little goes a long way, making them great value for money!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & VEGAN – Low VOC, vegan and cruelty-free, in recyclable packaging.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Love it or your money back – no questions asked.
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Available in 20g and 32g cakes.

Global Colours' UV Neon White glows fiercely under blacklight. Perfect for glow parties, raves, festivals and avante-garde editorials. In normal daylight UV Neon White is partially invisible, so is often used to "hide" paintings on the skin that are only revealed when viewed under a blacklight. Available in 20g and 32g cakes.

Global Colours’ face and body paint is a painter’s dream come true. With bold, vivid colours and a smooth consistency, Global Colours’ paints are ideal for face and body art. The Global Colours range contains over 55 vibrant shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours. Global Colours’ face and body paint cakes are easily activated with water, dry to a velvety finish in under a minute, and stay bold, bright and smudge-free in even the toughest conditions.

Global Colours’ face and body paint is:

  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Water-activated, so a little goes a long way (great value!)
  • Highly pigmented, bright colours
  • Reliable even in hot and humid climates
  • Non-staining and easy to remove
  • Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions
  • In recyclable packaging

Global Colours paints are labelled to be compliant with all worldwide safety regulations (FDA, EU & ASTM).  A note about all Neon Colours plus Magenta, Deep Magenta & Pearl Lilac: these colours contain pigments that have not yet been tested by the FDA, but they have been used in the industry on millions of faces over many years without reported side effects. As they have not been tested, we are required by the FDA to label them as Special FX and to be used on hair or prosthetics only. Pearl Pink, Green Deep, Dark Blue, Pearl Deep Blue, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Mediterranean Blue, Pearl Peacock Blue, Pearl Sage & Pearl Emerald are tested and approved by EU but again have not been tested by the FDA, and therefore must have the Special FX name. We don’t why the FDA doesn’t test these pigments – it’s pretty frustrating for us – what we can tell you is they have all been used on countless faces across millions of products (not just our products) with no reported side effects.

Directions for use: Activate the face paint with sealer or water to a creamy consistency and apply to the skin. The paint will dry quickly to a smudge free finish. Colours can be layered on top of each other, wait until first colour is touch dry before applying next layer.

REMOVAL: Remove easily from the skin with water and soap, makeup remover or makeup wipes.

About Global Colours: Global Colours is a market leader, famous for the quality and safety of their face and body art products for over 25 years. 100% Australian owned, the range is used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide. Global Colours insist on ethical working conditions in their supply chain, environmental responsibility in their packaging and production, health prioritisation in their ingredient selection and affordable pricing for their customers. The result is a premium quality product that is imbued with heart. Global Colours BodyArt Cakes are made in Taiwan.

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Weight 0.068 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 5 cm

20g, 32g


Neon White


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