Rainbow Cakes Aspen

Rainbow Cakes Aspen

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GLOBAL COLOURS is a world leader, famous for the quality and safety of their water-based products. One of the most appreciated cosmetic lines offered by us is our BodyArt range, used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide.

The rich colours can enable you to create astonishing designs on the whole body. Containing 60g, a perfect size for the busy, professional makeup artist. The most important attribute is that the range comprises a wide variety of colours that will meet the demands of all makeup artists.

Your favorite design will be ready in no time!

CONTAINS: White, Lime Green, Teal

Fast Facts

  • Non Staining
  • Vibrant
  • Strong Pigmented
  • Vegan friendly

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Global Colours puts a great emphasis on the quality and safety of their products.
Global Colours Makeup is specifically formulated to be gentle on the skin. All products are manufactured under the strictest safety guidelines.