Any colour for any colour

New BodyArt range supporting our LGBTQIA+ community, introducing the New Pride Flag, Bi Flag and Trans Flag Split Cakes and One Strokes! + Glitter Sticker Stencils.


Art that doesn’t cost the Earth

World’s First ZERO VOC Eco-Friendly Fine Art Acrylic


Safer for young artists to use

World’s First ZERO VOC Eco-Friendly Student Art Acrylic


We make the paint
You make the art.

New 20g rectangle pack, magnetic, stackable.


We deliver colour

Individual covers, 50% longer – full size one strokes are easier to load, recyclable packaging.


For precise lines
and broad strokes


X KochAsia Art
Furry Friends Palette


Pigments of your Imagination

4 professionally designed palettes boasting 48 unique FX colours and consisting of trauma and casualty cream pigments, camouflage cream, water resistant alcohol activated inks and compact powder pigments for 3D looks.


Get your art on

This brush on tooth enamel is specifically designed for creating the finishing toothy touches to your character, stage and special effects makeup looks. Available in 5 different colours.


The artist‘s

For artists into liquid art, painting, drawing, staining, inking, airbrushing, mixed media, pouring and more.


Halloween Face Paint Sets

Perfect for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos, these one-stop kits contains everything you need to create gorgeous Halloween face paint designs like a pro! 

Day of the Dead Face Paint Set
Halloween Set

Special FX Palettes

Professional special FX makeup palettes designed for stage and costume sets. Refills are available for all colours and sold individually as needed.

Day of the Dead Face Paint Set
Coverup FX – 12 Colour Face & BodyArt Palette

An inclusive range of skin tones and correction camouflage colours that can be used for coverup, concealing, fx or prosthetics.

AU $59.95 $54.50 exc. GST

Halloween Set
Ink FX – 12 Colour Face & BodyArt Palette

Create realistic, long lasting and waterproof casualty makeup with the Global Colours Ink FX Palette.

AU $79.95 $72.68 exc. GST

Our Story

Handmade in Australia

Our acrylic paints, mediums and liquid body art paints are all handmade by our friendly team in Sydney Australia.

Since 1992

We started mixing in 1992; and we continue helping you bring your vision to the world with affordable, high quality paints.


We are changing to biodegradable or compostable packaging and ensuring recyclable plastic is used wherever possible.


We never test our products on animals. Everything we make is vegan-friendly with zero animal derived ingredients.

Palm Oil Policy

We are working with suppliers to move to 100% free of palm oil derivative products - evolving our formulas to use the least toxic ingredients possible.


We make paint so you can make art – whatever your medium or method. Great art is eternal, but only with great paint.

Face & Body Paint

Get your art on! One strokes, Liquids and Special FX. We make paint for every body.


This is where it all begins. Surface preparation, make your paint go further, gels and pastes, explore and experiment. What goes on canvas stays on canvas.

About Us

Whether you’re a fine artist or face painter, indigenous or international, our aim is the same – helping you bring your vision to the world with affordable, high quality paints.

The very first colour we created was for an art student friend who couldn’t afford paint for a large canvas. “Can’t be that hard!” we thought, reaching for the blender…

Ahh, yes it could. Bringing the colours of your imagination to life is endlessly challenging, and hard on domestic appliances.

But we persisted and less than a year (and many blenders) later, we opened our first factory around the corner from Australia’s National Art School.

Today, we make high quality, safe acrylic paints for all sorts of artists. You’ll see our vibrant colours on paintings and performers in galleries and theatres around the world.

Our Partners

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