Safer for young artists to use

World’s First ZERO VOC Eco-Friendly Student Art Acrylic


Announcing the World’s First Zero VOC Eco-Friendly  Acrylics.

Made in Australia

Since 1992



Palm Oil Policy

At Global Colours, we believe we all need to do our bit to contribute towards a cleaner, less polluted environment. All manufacturers have a responsibility to create products which are less harmful to our environment and give customers better choices. And customers can help too, by choosing more environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

With this in mind, we have developed the World’s First ZERO VOC Artist Acrylics.

What are VOC’s and why should we be avoiding them?


The VOC acronym stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are carbon-containing compounds emitted as gasses into the air.


There are 500+ known VOC’s which are listed by the World Health Organisation as being toxic to humans. They accumulate within human fat cells.


Paints and other materials like furnishings, building materials, adhesives, carpets, MDF and cleaning fluids can emit these gases for years.


These gasses contribute to ozone pollution, which is bad for the environment, and they also pollute the air inside homes or classrooms, which can be detrimental for our health.


The EPA reports that VOCs can lead to adverse health effects like:

eye, nose and throat irritation
increased asthma attacks and allergies
liver, kidneys and central nervous system damage
behavioural and learning difficulties


Yikes, right?

This is why Global Colours has created the world’s first Zero VOC Artists Acrylic Paint Range in its Student and Fine Art Acrylics.

We will continue to reformulate all our paints and mediums until our entire collection of products is Zero VOC. It’s a big job, but we know it’s in the best interest of our children, our customers, our team and our planet.

The list below is of ingredients typically found in all acrylic paints which are not VOC free.

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