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Hi Painters, 

We are bringing back a beloved classic- our Cosmetic Glue!

This was one of our most popular products, so we sent it away to make sure we could bring it back better than ever- we have now added a 60ml twist top bottle size, for those artists who just couldn’t get enough!

For those of you who haven’t used this glue before, it is a cosmetic adhesive safe for the eye-area, face and body, designed to dry clear and have a long lasting, waterproof stick. Perfect for glitter tattoos and face gems, this glue is a universal kit must have. Our adhesive is also a great alternative to spirit gum or Prosaide to glue down eyebrows or adhere fx appliances. 

Containing only approved cosmetic ingredients that comply with all worldwide safety regulations, this 100% non-toxic cosmetic-grade cosmetic glue is:

– Skin-safe

– Paraben free

– Fragrance free

– Vegan

– Not tested on animals

– Hypoallergenic

– Waterproof

– Reliable even in hot and humid climates

– Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions

– In recyclable packaging

I personally love this glue for blocking out eyebrows, the 7m vial version with doe foot applicator is perfect for covering eyebrows simply and easily, it’s also great for sticking down prosthetic pieces and gluing on paisties for bodypainting. 

Being waterproof makes it perfect for stage, performances and long haul bodypainting work.

The new larger size is great for larger surface area jobs, or if you are working on multiple clients and need to change applicators for hygiene, decant into a small pot and your ready to go! ( if using a brush, do not let the glue dry in the bristles, clean immediately with brush cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to avoid sticking your bristles together). 

As far as I’m concerned this is a kit must have for face and body painter and makeup artists alike, and has been a staple in my kit for years, so with the addition of a new 60ml size, I’m ready to get sticky with it and glue some stuff down!!

Get Gluey!

Emma and Global Colours

By Emma Court

By Emma Court

Emma-Lee Court is a Sydney-based makeup artist & body painter who has owned and operated The Makeup Wardrobe for 9 years. With over 18 years experience creating looks for individuals, events, brands, theatre, fashion, film, TV, media and print publications, Emma can help your makeup dream become reality! Amongst a galaxy of performers, photographers, productions and individuals who come to Emma to help create their vision, Emma is also a fully-qualified makeup educator, with over 7 years experience teaching students makeup, hair, special FX & body painting.


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