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Glitter Applicator + Duster – 2pk Artist & BodyArt Brush Set

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A two-piece ‘apply and dust’ brush set designed to streamline the application of loose glitter to the skin.

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Our Glitter Applicator and Duster set, consists of two synthetic bristled brushes that have been specifically designed to makeup applying loose glitter easy. Our Applicator brush is firm and dense yet fluffy - perfect for picking up glitter particles and pressing them into place and our Duster Brush had a wide mouth of firm but flexible bristles that will easy sweep away excess glitter.
Although these brushes have been designed with glitter tattoo application in mind, they are also great for any adheresion of glitter where you need a crisp or technical finish, without the fuss.

*Premium synthetic bristles for maximum hygiene
*Vegan and planet friendly: all of our brushes are made with synthetic material and come in recyclable packaging
*Specifically designed for glitter application
*Easy to clean
*Do Not soak in alcohol

Paint brushes should be washed thoroughly in warm water and soap and left to dry. Spray with Global Colours Brush and Kit Sterilizer to ensure brushes are kept hygienic and germ free.
Pro Tip: Try using a stain remover stick for any stubborn markings to keep your brushes looking fresh.

Directions for Use; Using the applicator brush, dip bristles into loose glitter, then press firmly onto glue covered area. Repeat this process until the desired amount of glitter coverage is reached. Use the Duster brush to sweep over the area, effectively ‘dusting’ away any excess glitter to reveal a firm, crispy edge to your design and avoiding later glitter fall out. Perfect companion to the Global Colours Cosmetic Glue. Global Colors Brush is made in China.

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